Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So, this one time we were on Conan O'Brien...

1. In case you don't recognize me, I'm the smiley blonde in the lower left corner.
2. That's Kevin on the big screen and me on the right. Kevin was bummed he didn't get a haircut before he was on TV.

Although I was excited that many of my friends and family tuned in to watch, I was a little embarrassed to find out my Granny and Grandpa did. Grandma told me that she saw me on TV but that Conan is so "nasty and gross." I said, "What he says is gross or his hair is gross?" "Both!" Yes, I suppose him talking about a "boobalanche" (dictionary definition: a mass of boobies falling suddenly downward) on national television isn't really my Granny's style. Which is almost ironic since she's the one who named her ventriloquist dummy Dusty Shagnasty.

Here's the video (or just play it below). Don't worry, it's SFW because he doesn't mention anything about an avalanche of female anatomy:

I have some head shots ready with our autographs. You know, just in case you want a hot celeb's John Hancock.

Getting to watch Conan wasn't as glamorous as one would assume. Before we could get into the studio we had to walk, wait, sit, go through security, wait, stand, wait, walk, be herded like cattle into waiting stables, stand, wait, sit, wait, repeat. We checked in at about 1:45 p.m., got in the studio at 3:45 p.m. and the show started at 4:30 p.m. Then the applause sign lit up and we started cheering. Conan began his monologue with a few mentions of boobies, Andy Richter chimed in, and the band played. Everything seemed normal; so, we were super shocked to see my face and then Kevin's face on that screen. So surprised that neither of us even heard the not very funny joke that Conan told about the Craigslist ad Kevin didn't actually write.

I mean, I know it wasn't like we were on stage with him so it's not THAT impressive, but humor me, Reader. Although, you should know that the last time we visited Los Angeles I did sit on Conan's chair. Does that impress you?

Yes, that is Kevin in the guest seat and I'm sitting where Conan's butt usually is. I was surprised by the mediocre quality of the tweed chair, because my office chair at home is nicer than his. I can't say too much else because I don't want to incriminate us more than I already have (don't arrest me, Conan!) but I have to brag a little. Isn't that how all criminals are caught?

Unbeknownst to anyone who would want to arrest me, I was able to snap a couple other photos of Conan's place last year. Not the best quality with my cell phone but after learning last week that they don't allow any cameras or photographs in the studio, these mobile uploads are looking pretty good to me.

1. The office.
2. The camera.
3. The band.
4. The stage.
5. The mark.
6. The audience.

There you go, Reader. Conan's studio and just one of the times I was on television. I'm afraid that I've nearly used up my 15 minutes of lame fame, which I'm be happy to tell you about sometime. As a teaser, let's just say that Young Chalayn was on a public broadcasting show and the news a couple of times. Impressive, yes?

I'll mail that head shot out to you ASAP.


  1. Okay, well, this is AWESOME. I feel like I'm practically meeting a celebrity or something.

    1. Thanks,Kenzie! And, yeah, I'm pretty much super famous now. My new ride is in the back of a limousine. ;)

  2. Well I'm impressed but not quite as impressed as I was when you were on the news talking about how you got lice from go-carts. Which I was so super jealous about!